Manchester United: Ed Woodward says he is right man to take club forward

Manchester United: Ed Woodward says he is right man to take club forward

Manchester United govt vice-chairman impotency Woodward says he’s the correct man to be guilty at recent Trafford which the club’s homeowners are “in it for the long term”.

United were one purpose higher than the relegation zone before facing leaders Liverpool on Sunday.

Woodward and therefore the Glazers are darned by several for United’s current difficulty.

In associate interview with fanzine United we tend to Stand, Woodward insists he’s the correct man for the task. “Yes [I am],” he same.

“I perceive the scrutiny; it’s a part of the task. and that i don’t wish to be illustrious and can’t be mates with the players.

“But we’ve got to try and do everything we tend to probably will to urge back to winning the Premier League. we tend to aren’t self-made till we do. Second isn’t success – we’ve got to win the Premier League.”

United haven’t managed a sustained title challenge since Woodward replaced David Gill as chief govt in 2013, at a similar time as Sir Alex Ferguson retired.

However, several feel United’s issues return a lot of any – to 2005, once the artificer family took possession of the club through a heavily-leveraged buy-out, with the problems solely covert by Ferguson’s social control brilliance.

There has been speculation in recent months that the artificer family is also trying to profit on their investment. additional recently, it’s been steered Kevin artificer, a club director, is on the brink of commercialism his shares.

However, Woodward says conversations with the artificer brothers most attached the daily running of the club, Joel and Avi, have given no indication of associate exit strategy.

And, whereas many various pounds are paid call at debt repayments and interest, and share dividends, Woodward feels United are a well-run organisation.

“The debt is semipermanent, structured and almost like another soccer clubs,” he same.

“It’s slightly below a pair of of our annual revenue therefore it doesn’t extremely have any impact on us. If you examine the means the approach modified underneath the Glazers for endeavour, that has brought in an additional £2.5-£3bn. we’ve got spent plenty of cash on players.

“We are financially robust. we tend to are independent. we tend to don’t have associate channel that we are involved concerning. There’s negativity concerning U.S.A. doing support deals however they permit us to try and do things within the transfer market that alternative clubs struggle to do.

“We completely feel we tend to are on the correct track to obtaining back to winning trophies.”

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